Memories of Anguilla

Anguilla is a small island located in Caribbean Sea (Map). We went there from August 12 to August 19, 2000. We are lucky enough that weather was very fine and no hurricane hit.

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Shoal Bay

We spent most of our time at Shoal Bay. Sand is super white and soft, water is cristal clear and very calm. This is the best beach for relaxation.

This boat is Junior's glass bottom boat. Junior brought us off shore of Shoal Bay. We saw many kind of tropical fish. Most surprising thing was that we saw a turtle swimming.

Haruno's peace sign

Hirono's peace sign

They love to play with sand.

Upper Shoal Bay

You can see reef (dark blue area) just along the beach. There were many kind of fish there. Allamanda Beach Club (our hotel) is far left building.

This photo was taken from Shoal Bay Scuba. This is the nearest beach from allamanda (three minutes walk). Water here is more choppy than center of Shoal Bay, but best for snorkeling. We found best spot which is a colony of small fish.

Dropsey Bay

Dropsey Bay is the secret beach in Anguilla. It's not easy to reach, but worth to go. Direction is here.

Water is very calm because it's protected by reef. There is a small cave, where we saw crabs running and prawns swimming. My girls like this beach very much. We went there twice.

Sandy Hill Bay

Sandy Hill Bay is also a very calm and quiet beach, good for snorkeling and swimming, but no restaurants.

Hirono is fun to dig.

Other Bays

Sandy Ground
We didn't swim here but water was calm and good for swimming.

Island Harbour
There were many fish boat. Scilly Cay is nearby. There were trash and water was not so clear, so we didn't swim here.

Allamanda Beach Club

We stayed this hotel. It's not a romantic resort but it's very clean, confortable, and affordable. In addition, staff is very kind. The car was our rent-a-car. We drove around everywhere in the island.

This is the view from our room. It was on the second floor, had very good garden view, but little sea view.

We enjoyed playing card often in the room. Our room had two queen beds. The room is very clean and has air conditioner. There is small kitchen behind the bed room. We made dinner often.

This photo was taken from small hill just behind Allamanda. The view from here is spectacular.

Eat Eat Eat!

Le Bon Pain Bakery
This bakery is located near Island Harbour. We love this bakery's croissant and sandwich.

Uncle Ernie's
This person is not Uncle Ernie, it's me! We enjoyed rib and chicken here. The beach behind is Shoal Bay.

We had a dinner at Frangipani. Food was good and service was excellent. They offered lunch menu for my girls.

This restaurant is so romantic. Good view of beach and sunset. We had a very good time.

Day Trip to St. Martin

We took a day trip to St. Martin. There is a fort on the top of the hill. Blowing flag at the fort is tricolor. Yes! St. Martin is French.

There are many people and many cars on the street. Also there are many shops and restaurants there.

They bought souvenirs of turtle for themselves.

Around marina is shopping mall. We took lunch here.

The restaurant is open-air and French style. We enjoyed escargot and lobster.


Blowing Point Harbour
We took a ferry to St. Martin from here.

Airplane to San Juan

Hirono took this photo.

Haruno took this photo.

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