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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Stereograms.
This Page Offers My Computer-Generated Stereograms.
Can You See the Hidden 3D Images?
Have Fun!

Try stereograms on Gallery and Interactive Stereograms.
If you are not familiar with stereograms, go Theory.

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Stereogram Gallery
Can You See the Hidden 3D Images?

Snowman 153KB Nice for Christmas Card
Shaking Lattice 165KB Can Trip to Another World!?
Jar 29KB Revolution Surface
Jar_Daughters 130KB Photo Version of Jar
Balls 33KB How Many Balls?
Balls_Beach 115KB Photo Version of Balls
Ripple 49KB How Many Peaks? One or Two?
1996 91KB Was Created for NewYear's Card
Face 75KB Is It Really a Face??
Eat It! 16KB Can You Grab and Eat It?
Mountain 113KB Looks Like Egg Container
Cow 74KB I Believe It's Not a Horse.

Interactive Stereograms
Java and PHP3 Programs Create Stereograms Now.

StereoWave JAVA
Stereogram Animation
StereoClock JAVA
What Time Is It?
StereoWord JAVA
Make Your Own Stereograms on the Web!
Stereo it! PHP3
Make Stereograms from any GIF Images on the Web!

Stereogram Theory
Explanation of How Stereograms Work

Why do they look 3D?
Why do they look 3D? (Japanese version)


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Kazuhiko Kondo

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P.S. This page's background is also a stereogram!

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